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3D printing is now an important tool in the classroom. IME3D can help teachers integrate 3D printing into the classroom with a STEAM oriented curriculum and online teaching services. We have served over 1,000 education institutions from preschool to junior high school.

For pre-school Education
Learning is what children do best. They learn throughout daily lives by questioning and exploring, experiencing and playing.
Early exposure to 3D printing can be really helpful for Children ages 2-6 to learn about scientific method and design process whilst creates interest in science, allow children to develop and satisfy their urge to know.
With our customized education software, children can easily enter the magical world of 3D printing. We provide lifetime technical support and after-sales service so you can always contact us directly for help.
For K-12 Education
3D printing can be used in many different courses, from math, science and information technology to art class and synthesis practice curriculum, 3D printing gives students the chance to materialise their imagination by taking a project from 2D drawings to 3D models. allowing them to participate in the whole manufacturing process, from analyzing the project, designing components to making installation.
Students can learn to apply 3D printing to their own lives by creating things that they can use, like flower pot for synthesis practice class, some small wind instruments for music, animal models for biology, 3D printing can really help improving traditional textbook-based education.

We have built many STEAM classrooms for kindergartens & K-12 schools in China, providing teaching services as well as curriculum development services. We organize creative design and production competitions every year and have had nearly 10,000 students participating.


IME3D Kid is a 3D Creative Design App customized just for children. The outstanding features of IME3D Kid are Gamification and Thematization, which means kids can easily design their own unique creations with lots of fun.

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