Our Sourcing Services

SSB representatives are happy to introduce you personally to any of the Endorsed Service Providers (ESP’s) listed here.  After the initial introductions are made, communications, contracts and invoicing will take place between the ESP and client directly as SSB simply plays the role of initial matchmaker and is not the service provider and this option is to be requested explicitly.

In the rare event that the Client desires a service not yet provided below, the SSB Project Advisor will make every effort to provide solution or research and recommend an appropriate third party.

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the parties introduced, please contact SSB so that we can conduct a full discovery session and update our list accordingly.

 Service Type  Explanation  Representative Pricing
Sourcing / Purchasing Agents Help finding and managing vendors. 0-10% of PO value, depending on scale and complexity.
Related Services: ● Final Assembly, Inspection, Packaging (AIP)
● Sourcing Feasibility Study (SFS)
● Vendor Coordination (VC)
● Outsource your BG Sourcing Office
● Tool and Die Steward (TDS)
● Bulgaria Value Added Tax (VAT) Planning
● Clean Room Assembly / Inspection
● “Factory in a Factory”
● Joint Venture Production Site
● Project FinanceProduct development
Freelance Advisors Westerners living in Bulgaria can walk you thru the key steps. (English, French, Italian, Spanish, , Russian and other languages spoken.) Fee depends on the level of the freelancer’s experience but starts as low as a € 50 per month.
Related Services: This is a good option when the client wants a seasoned Bulgarian advisor to offer advice and counsel. The freelancers in SSB network generally make themselves available for emails or a phone call/visit at a set time each week, but they don’t get involved in directly managing the vendors for you.
Inspections, Factory Audits & Quality Control Specialists(3PQC) Independent 3rd parties are available to inspect your goods. There are TUV, SGS, Natiоnal agencies ans accredited laboratory Audits and inspections start at € 100 all-inclusive.
Related Services: ● Product inspections
● Factory audits and financial analysis
● Product testing
Engineering & Designs Ensures that the concept is valid and the right materials and production processes are selected. Fees are project dependent.
Related Services: ● Confotmity control
● Regulation comlience
● Certification
Due Diligence Verifying that what the supplier is telling you about their business is accurate. From €50.
Related Services: ● Risk Assessment
● Business Credit Reports
● Background Checks on Individuals and Companies
● Supplier Reference Checks
● Import/Export Records
Bulgaria Visit Support Clients need not be burdened with organizing local Accommodations, Transportation, Interpretation and Scheduling meetings. Fee depends on scope of visit.
Related Services: ● Translator and advisor for the key periods of your trip
● Scheduling of meetings and site visits
● Suggestions on accommodations and leverage of corporate rates with local hotels
● Orchestration of transportation and arrangements between hotel and supplier within Bulgaria (air, train, bus, taxi, limo, rental cars, ferry)
● Cell phones, internet facilities, local maps, tourist sites, shopping, currency exchange, and more can be provided.
Payment Escrow Trusted 3rd party releases funds to supplier only after confirmation of quality and buyer’s green light. Fee is a small % of PO value.
Tool & Die Shops/ Tooling Stewards Third party storage to protect your tools/molds against improper use by your suppliers. Assistance for commodatum contracts Fee depends on # of tools and size.
Related Services: ● Tool and Die Production Management (Plastics, Casting, Punching, cold forming)
● Storage & Security
● Maintenance
● IP Protection
3rd Party Assembly/ Black Box Mfg. Final assembly and packaging at a third facility to prevent sub-suppliers from stealing client’s IP. Fee is based on a labor to assembly and package.
Logistics Movement of goods on a global basis. Costs depend on season, destination, size, carrier and modality.
Related Services: ● Supply Chain Management
● Purchase Order Fulfillment
● Drop Shipping
● JIT and KanBan
● Warehousing
● Freight Consolidation
● Customs Clearance
● Import Duties
Lawyers Protect your interests and enforce your rights. Custom PO template starts at € 250.  IP registration available upon request
Related Services: ● Intellectual Property Registration and Litigation
● Dispute Resolution, Arbitration & Litigation
● Bulgarian Corporate Law (employment, taxation, corporate governance & general counsel).
● International Trade Law (contract review & general counsel)
● Technical and General Translations starting at 5 €  per page
Debt Collections If a supplier has done you wrong and owes you money, collection agencies can help. 10% of recovered funds (for fresh debt).
Business Intelligence, Investigations, and Surveillance To keep an eye on suppliers and competition. Fee depends on the project and also may be eligible for free of charge.
Related Services: ● Corporate investigations
● Manage anti-counterfeiting
● Brand protection
● IP protection
Company Formation Setting up your own office in Bulgaria or Turhey. Pricing available upon request, project dependent. 
Related Services: ● Outsourcing and Shared services
● Bilingual Contracts
● Tax Planning
● Site Selection
● HR services
● Government Relations
Outsourced Accounting Keep your trading accounts organized and in compliance with local authorities. Pricing available upon request, project dependent.
Related Services: ● Bulgarian Accounting
● Turkey Accounting
● Payroll Services
Dispute Resolution Mending relationships when things go wrong with your suppliers. Pricing available upon request, project dependent.


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