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Getting Started:

This comprehensive document lists all the available services and fees offered by our endorsed service providers. After reviewing the list, simply contact SSB for an introduction to the service provider. To ensure an accurate introduction, when contacting SSB, please list the specific service you need using the exact service titles as found in the list below. Once introduced, communication/invoicing/provision of service will be handled directly between you and the service provider.

We are able to provide some of the introductions free of charge thanks to the occasional donations from the service providers and the people we help. Those donations help cover the costs of our website and publications but are not required.


SSB uses reasonable care and skill and employs methods it considers appropriate to select or remove companies on our endorsed service providers list. As the service providers’ levels of service and pricing may be subject to variance over time, in requesting an introduction to a service provider via this website, the parties agree to indemnify SSB & its staff from any and all possible claims for loss, damage or expense of any nature resulting from the cooperation between the introduced parties. SSB shall have no liability for any indirect or consequential loss (including loss of profits).

If for some reason you are not fully satisfied with the service of the introduced service providers, please contact SSB immediately so that we can look into the situation and remove the provider if they are no longer offering professional services.

Note on Currency/ Services Provided:

Fees are listed in EUR but usually payable directly to the service provider in a currency of your choice at the day’s exchange rate.
The exact fee structure and details of the service should be negotiated between the introduced parties.
Full List of Services Provided by the SSB Endorsed Service Providers

Sourcing Agents, Supply Chain Mgmt, Project Mgmt & Advisory Services
Sourcing Agent

The sourcing agent recommended by SSB is affordable & honest, with over 10 years of engineering, project management and product development experience. Based full-time in East Erope since 2007, he helps clients find and manage suppliers in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey.

He only take on a few new projects each month as the agent will personally be involved in every aspect of the sourcing to ensure the clients receive the best price, quality, lead-time and service.

This agent charges a small upfront fee to review the project and create a strategy to achieve the client’s desired goals. Once the strategy is in place, a commission (between 1 and 10%) is applied to the value of goods or services he is managing on your behalf. The larger the project, the smaller the commission.

Factory Process Improvement Consulting

Do you want your manufacturer to improve significantly, be it in quality, capacity, or cost? They will probably have to upgrade their systems and processes. Unfortunately, few manufacturers in East Europe try to learn from best practices in or outside their industry.

Solution: A team of consultants train middle managers and operators in the new approach and provide them technical guidance along the way. Here are a couple of examples:

Applying Lean manufacturing tools and techniques has allowed typical Bulgarian factories to reduce their variable costs by 20-60%.

Implementing a preventive maintenance program to accompany automation ensures the new equipment stays up as expected.

Virtual Assistants/ Virtual Sourcing Teams

Literally “outsource the sourcing department” of your company. Clients are welcome to outsource their entire import/export department or just a few functions. Based on the clients’ needs and language preferences, each project will be assigned a single Account Manager (AM) who will coordinate as many Support (SS) as required. The AM’s are customer service specialists serving as a central point of contact in East Europe responsible for communications with the client. The SS are well trained local staff with professional experience in one or more functional area such as strategic sourcing, purchasing, engineering, QC, law, HR, tax or logistics.

The client sets the agenda. The AM assigns and manages the SS who are responsible for advancing that agenda.

Freelance Advisors

SSB Certified Sourcing Advisor make themselves available up to 4 hours each month for conference calls and/or email communication at a set time each week, but they don’t get involved in actually managing the vendors for you.

Retaining a SSB Certified Sourcing Advisor is the ideal option when you are willing to do the heavy lifting of project management, but want a seasoned Bulgaria advisor on your team. At a minimum, SSB Certified Sourcing Advisors are based in Bulgaria full time, native speakers of English, Spanish, French.

have significant and relevant business experience, graduated from the Technical University of Sofia with honors, have trained under the direct supervision of SSB founders

Fees range from 500 € to 2500 € per month, depending on experience of the advisor

Verification & Due Diligence
Supplier Identification and Price Research

Need help finding a good supplier in Bulgaria? Having trouble getting an accurate quote or making a professional comparison among potential vendors? It’s true, Bulgarians get a lower price from Bulgarian factories. Put our Bukgarian researcher and negotiators to work for you! Flat fee. No hidden commissions or factory kickbacks!

Visit “Supplier Identification & Quote Research” service page for service details and fee structure. Fees range from 850 € to 3250 € depending on the complexity of the research.

Corporate Assessment (CA): Sustainability, Reputation & Assets of a Bulgarian company

This report is particularly of value if you are:

Thinking about entering into a business arrangement with a Bulgarian company to buy or sell goods.

Exploring a JV or investment partnership with a Bukgarian entity.

Considering litigation against a Bulgarian company. If a company doesn’t have assets, it’s not worth the effort to fight and win only to remain uncompensated!

Due Diligence reports are provided by https://orbis.bvdinfo.com, visit here for sample reports and more information.

Red Flag Assessment (RFA): Risk, Scams & Fraud
in a given transaction

The Red Flag Assessment (RFA) is the ideal tool for clients who are buying from Chinese suppliers. The RFA will help you source safe, avoid scams and confirm that the terms of the deal are fair.

Simple Factory Audit

On-site review of the supplier’s facility and quality control system to confirm the likelihood they can produce the product you wish to order. 425 € (all inclusive)

Technical Audits, Background Checks & Investigation

Contact us with your needs and we’ll have an endorsed service provider present you with an appropriate service package. Pricing available upon request. Starting at 100 €

Legal Services
Purchase Orders and Contracts

A well-worded, bilingual contract show suppliers you are a professional, serious about IP/Quality/Lead-times and significantly increases your chances of success should you enter into a court case with a supplier who has broken the terms of the contract.

IP Registration

Fees depend on the complexity of the project but are usually less than 1/3 the costs of a similar project in US or Europe.

General Counsel

Having Bulgaria-based, English speaking legal counsel on retainer is a cost effective way to avoid pitfalls and ensure your business strategy is sound. Counsel is not only there to get you out of the occasional crisis but the General Counsel service is designed to help clients improve the day-to-day running of their businesses. When the client needs support our lawyers and support staff are ready to help immediately. No need for lengthy contract negotiations or wasted time getting the lawyers up to speed.

If you are importing, exporting or based in Bulgaria, General Counsel can assist in the following areas: Drafting various legal documents, Negotiations with Bulgaria based entities, Contract review & creation, Legal opinion, Government relations, Intellectual property protection, Regulatory compliance, Corporate governance, Labor law, Tax codes, Mergers & acquisition, Due diligence, Litigation, Crisis management & Other areas.

3rd Party Logistics (3PL)

Logistics agents can coordinate the global flow of goods. 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) service included: freight forwarder, customs broker, freight consolidation, land/sea/air cargo, duty assessments, documentation compliance and other services. When contacting SSB, please be specific about your products, volume per shipment, number of shipments, desired method of transportation, point of origin, destination and other information which will help us find the most suitable agent for your specific project

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection & Monitoring
Advanced IP Monitoring

After your IP is registered, how to monitor the supplier to ensure your IP is being respected? At periodic times during the year, investigators will look for infringement via the supplier’s website and online profiles/ review domestic and international web directories known as hot beds for counterfeits/ visit the factory and trade show booths/ monitor the patent office for the registration of competing patents/ + additional techniques that can be disclosed with the client in private.

Fees depend on the complexity of the project but start at 500 € for the basic package.

Tool & Die Steward

Most buyers of customized products manufactured in Europe are wise enough to contractually own their tools and dies. But how to ensure proprietary tooling is not being used supply the competition? What happens if the supplier goes out of business and tooling is liquidated before you are aware of the situation? Is tooling being maintained and stored professionally? The Tool & Die Steward looks after your molds, tooling, jigs and such by storing them at a secure facility between production runs at your factory.

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Compliance
Pre-shipment Inspection (QC 1.0)

On-site confirmation that product produced matches what you ordered in terms of quality, lead-time and order size.

Cost to buyer: 350 € (all inclusive). Volume discounts available.

3rd Party 100% Inspection & Customization

Quality Assurance Planning & Implementation Consulting (QC 2.0)

QA experts not only create a comprehensive plan to monitor quality & reduce defects in your supply chain, but they can work with your suppliers, on the actual factory floor, to implement the plan! The process pays for itself as the savings that result from reduced defects quickly outstrip the initial consulting fees. The typical project starts at 2000 €

Import Compliance (safety & regulatory) Planning & Implementation Consulting

Compliance consultants not only clarify the applicable regulations and standards, but can also create a comprehensive plan to monitor compliance in the supply chain, significantly reducing the importer’s legal exposure. The typical project starts at 3,500 €

Translation & Interpretation

Assist with real-time cross-cultural communication during your Bulgaria trips.


Provide off-line English from/to Bulgarian/Romanian/Turkish. Other languages available.

With an official writen task asigments or query you agree on the price list from above except another agreements are in force.

Additional Service Areas (available upon request)