What We Do?

Sourcing-Services.EU is an online system for requesting manufacturing quotes from the best suppliers in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe and Turkey.

Sourcing Service Bulgaria enables sourcing professionals and engineers to quickly and easily locate quality suppliers for Injection and Compression Molding, Metal Stamping, Metal Fabrication, CNC Machining and almost all other industrial manufacturing processes through an easy-to-use online marketplace.

For suppliers, they find open RFQs on web platform every day to help fill open manufacturing capacity.

With our supply chain specialist with many years of experience in the sourcing in South-East Europe you can get access to the best fitting to your demand solutions for contract and toll manufacturing, logistics and labor rates.



Fields of expertise:

Manufacturing, Product development, Engineering, Logistics, Cost reduction, Quality assurance, Lean manufacturing, Contracting, Commodity management, Production outsourcing, Contract manufacturing, Toll manufacturing, Desing optimization

Core processes with reliable  partners:

Injection molding: Thermoplastics and thermosettings, metal castings

Sheet metal processing: Bending, Punching, Welding, Powder painting, Cold forming

Assembly: manual, semiautomatic, riveting, grinding

Wiring and harnesses, electrical boards,

Electronics, R&D

Springs and coils, transformers and electromagnetics devices