DOBOT CR5 Non-programming Self-learning Collaborative 6-axis Robot

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Robot Type DOBOT (CR5)
Weight(kg) 23kg
Payload(kg) 5kg
Reach(mm) 900mm
Maximum Speed 3m/s
Joint Ranges (°)
J1 ±180
J2 ±180
J3 ±160
J4 ±180
J5 ±180
J6 ±360
Joint Maximum Speed (°/s)
J1 180°/s
J2 180°/s
J3 180°/s
J4 180°/s
J5 180°/s
J6 180°/s
Tool I/O Ports
DI 2
DO 2
AI 2
AO 0
Communication RS485
Control Box I/O Ports
DI 16
DO 16
AI 2
AO 2
Repeatability ±0.03mm
Power 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz
Communication TCP/IP, Modbus, EtherCAT, Wi-Fi
IP Classification IP54
Temperature 0~45°
Power Supply About 200W when running typical programs
Material Aluminum alloy, ABS

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Aimed at small- and medium-sized business owners, educators, and whoever in need of an intuitive and handy robot, DOBOT CR5 is a new generation of non-programming, self-learning, and intelligent 6-axis robot, effectively helping speed up the industrial automation process. DOBOT CR5 integrates the cutting-edge force-sensing technology with AI trajectory reproduction to satisfy all kinds of labor needs, and boost the business productivity and growth in companies of most industries and sizes.

Quick Facts for DOBOT CR5

Reach 900mm
Payload 5kg
Weight 23kg
Footprint Ø128 mm

Extraordinary Self-learning Capability and Senses Beyond Humans

Safe Human-robot Collaboration with No Programming Background Needed

Unlimited Applications with Various Add-ons Available

Automation Made Simple with Easy Operation & Smart Control

With no complicated adjustments required, DOBOT CR5 can automatically run at adaptive accelerating & decelerating parameters and always keep its optimal smooth performance, by accurately sensing the environment and intelligently adjusting the parameters in real time. It also supports multiple intuitive control methods including APP (Wi-Fi), teach pendant, and PC, allowing users to conveniently control the robot arm to fulfill various tasks like production and packaging, from anywhere and at any time. Automation of repetitive and dangerous tasks is never so simple and effective until you meet DOBOT CR5.