Eurocab Srl – Bulgaria


Machines for the wiring harness industry, such as crimping presses and coiling machines.

we supply:

  • Crimping machine for ferrules NPU 010 which is able to crimp from section 0.14 mm² to 10mm².
  • Crimping press PF 50 which is able to crimp connectors on ribbon cables (any type: male, female, DSUB, micro-match etc).
  • Cable reel machine AV500 with power inverter included
  • Pneumatic Machine INSERT WG for the insertion of Wago connectors with CAGE CLAMP actuation.

Please check the brochures attached and the tutorial videos at the following links:

Datasheet of the most requested connectors for the PF50 machine. Consider that same type / different brand is included (e.g. Micro-Match Male on Wire = TYCO, WURTH etc.).

Price list

1-5 pcs
NPU 010 € 1100
PF 50 € 2000*
INSERT WG € 3800
AV 500 € 6800

* with one guide rail included. Price for extra standard guide rails: € 300, 20% discount.

Price for customized guide rails: to be defined on a case-by-case basis