Maintenance of complex electronics equipment


Terms and conditions: 

  1.  The Client appoints the Supplier to do regular maintenance tasks and to provide permanent operation regarding Electronics Equipment orating in Bulgaria. 
  2. The Supplier hereby declares, that they have the properly trained personnel, materials and equipment to fulfill the above mentioned tasks. 
  3. The Supplier hereby declares, that the exact timing of regular maintenance tasks always has to be discussed 8 (eight) days before start. 
  4.  The subjects of this service are Electronics modules and Equipment subject of preliminary  approval by the Supplier. 
  5.   In case of production stops caused by units listed in agreed Appendix 1, the Supplier provides a 0-24 hours maintenance service. The Supplier declares, that in case the Client informs them about a production stop caused by units above, the Supplier will arrive at the Client’s and will start to eliminate the problem within 48 hours. 

Hourly and other fees for maintenance and repair of Electronics Equipment

1) Show-up cost (EUR)  50
2) Hourly fees (EUR/person/hour)   
On working days in working hours   
                 8:00 – 17:00  70,00 
On working days NOT in working hours   
                  17:00 – 8:00  100,00 
On non-working days and holidays  120,00 
3) Waiting and travelling hours (EUR/person/hour)  22,50 
4) Travelling cost (EUR/km)  0,45

*for Automation, Robotics, Pick&Place, CNC Routers, Laser and CNC Engravers – Prices are provided on demand


  • Revers Engineering “Parts to CAD” – Hourly fees – 20 EUR/person/hour                                                              (SolidWorks, Catia, FEM, Fusion360, Cimatron Elite software, )
    • 3D Scanning Low Resolution – FREE of charge
  • 3D Printing 3D принтиране – FDM;                    – 0,25€ per   1 cm3        – PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG                      (Optional methond SLS; SLA, MJF, SHS, SLM )
  • Spare Parts Supply: Markup 10%